I’ve never experienced better workouts than those I’ve done with Beth!

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I’m a runner, yoga practitioner/teacher, hiker, skier – you name it, I probably enjoy doing it! There is one exception, though: strength training. In the past my strength training consisted of the usual free-weight routines, with occasional sessions on cable machines. I always found these workouts boring, and struggled with finding the motivation to do them. I even tried a traditional personal trainer, and while he showed me some new exercises, ultimately it was the same old thing. Not only was I bored, but I didn’t see results translating into my other activities.

My whole concept of strength-training changed when I met Beth Burns and had my first kettlebell session with her. All I can say is “Wow!” First, I’ve never been bored, and I mean that in all aspects: not only is it fun, but Beth mixes things up so much that there is never time for my muscles to get too used to any single exercise. Second, kettlebell workouts consist of activities that directly translate to daily life: so whether I’m running a rocky trail, working on handstands, helping a friend move a ridiculously heavy and oddly-balanced piece of furniture or picking up my overweight cat, Beth’s kettlebell training gives me the overall strength and stability I need to perform at my best.

I will say that proper use of kettlebells definitely requires professional guidance – there’s nothing intuitive about it! That said, Beth ensures that her clients are fully grounded in the fundamentals and gradually increases the intensity and complexity of the sessions. Beth has a wealth of knowledge, and that definitely shows during her sessions. Her sessions are unintimidating and fun (we laugh a lot), but don’t be fooled: I’ve never experienced better workouts than those I’ve done with Beth!


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