Success Stories

rachel testimonial

The changes I’ve seen in the last two years are beyond what I thought was possible.

Two and half years ago I went to my first kettlebell training session with Beth and I really did know right from that first session it was going to be incredible. I was overweight, discouraged, and looking for ANYTHING to get me back to my pre-baby body. My current diet and work out plan was […]

Penny testimonial

I am in really great shape!

I started taking Beth’s kettlebell class a year ago, just before I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. I have always been a runner and ran through my first pregnancy, but was unable to keep running through my second. Kettlebells were great for me during that time because I was able to […]

jes testimonial

I look forward to class each week!

  “After the birth of my fourth child in less than five years I decided that since the baby factory was closed it was time to try to get the body I had always wanted. After procrastinating and wondering if there was really anyone who could help my post baby bod I finally broke down […]

My conditioning and strength has improved immensely!

Beth possesses all the qualities that make a great personal trainer – dedication, enthusiasm, and patience. Beth always got the best out of me even when I felt too exhausted to finish. She was able to bring out new confidence in myself especially since I had never worked out with kettlebells previously. My conditioning and […]

michele testimonial

Lean, toned, and one wicked hot body to show!

*Note from Beth: When Michele first came to me, she asked for two things: to improve her strength and muscle tone and to not make her do anything that looked stupid. My first thought was, “Yay! A woman who’s not afraid of lifting!”. My second thought was, “What is she going to think about kettlebells?” […]

carmen testimonial

You HAVE to call Beth Burns first!

If you have ANY kind of pain (especially from an overuse injury or a sports related injury) you HAVE to call Beth Burns first!! She is amazing and through some very simple exercises she has helped me to get rid of shoulder pain AND just recently also helped me with my heel pain (which may […]

Christine testimonial

I’ve never experienced better workouts than those I’ve done with Beth!

I’m a runner, yoga practitioner/teacher, hiker, skier – you name it, I probably enjoy doing it! There is one exception, though: strength training. In the past my strength training consisted of the usual free-weight routines, with occasional sessions on cable machines. I always found these workouts boring, and struggled with finding the motivation to do […]

I began seeing improvement within a week!

I was having a chronic problem with an over-use injury to my right wrist that just would not heal. Beth taught me a series of Z-health exercises for my wrist, hand, fingers, elbow and arms. The exercises took less than 10 minutes once a day to complete. I began seeing improvement within a week, and […]

Beth has taught me the techniques I needed to continue staying active!

Beth Burns has helped me with several of my physical problems using Z-health. She began by gathering information about my pain or limited mobility, watched and analyzed my movement and then suggested Z-health techniques to improve the problem. The exercises she gave me have helped with my occasional knee pain and the DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis in […]

I highly recommend Beth!

“I am a 35-year old, five foot, 110 pound mom who has lived with back pain for the last 8 years. During this time I have been to several doctors, had radiographs taken and been prescribed many different prescriptions. Nothing seemed to make a difference. Beth has taught me exercises that target the muscles and […]