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Pregnancy Update – Half way!

SO, a lot has happened since my last blog over a year ago. I took a break from the online world. My little family picked up and moved half way across the country. I’ve met lots of new friends and got a new job. AND my body is currently working on making our little family […]

A look at the Biggest Loser and if long-term weight loss is possible

Two weeks ago, a study of former Biggest Loser contestants went viral that showed that not only did almost every contestant gain most, if not all, of their weight back, but also that their bodies seemed to fight against the weight loss by slowing their metabolisms. From these observations, the researchers concluded that this is why our […]

Do we talk ourselves into binging?

Many of you have probably seen me hashtag this. It’s somewhat of a mantra that I remind myself of often: It’s just food. It’s a simple sentence but it carries a lot of meaning. Many of you might read that and think, that sounds nice and all but try telling me that when I’m sitting in front of chocolate […]

Is more cardio the answer to your fat loss problems?

“I think I just need to up my cardio.” I’ve been hearing this a lot lately, usually in the context of someone who’s frustrated with their progress. Honestly, I cringe a little every time I hear someone say this. As a personal trainer, who loves to be active and to sweat, I get it. Fitness […]

Start fixing your dysfunctional relationship with food

If we are honest with ourselves, most, if not all, of us have a pretty dysfunctional relationship with food. We love it. We hate it. We break up with it, vowing never to see it again, and then we see it at a party and it looks so good.…all of the sudden you’re back together […]

How do I change my mindset?

“Have the humility to admit to yourself that, of all the things you need to know and don’t, one of the things that you don’t know well enough is yourself.” ~Eric Greitens Last week, we established why mindset is so important for transformation and that you can in fact change it. Now let’s talk about how […]

Is mindset really that important?

“But how do I get my mind to stop thinking this way?! How do I change my mindset??” I was talking with a client who’s been struggling with her weight for years. She wants to get away from being so all-or-nothing, but it feels impossible. I mentioned that we needed to keep working on her mindset […]

My only “resolution” this year

To be honest, I haven’t been feeling super jazzed about the new year. January 1st didn’t feel like a fresh new start, but just another day really. Maybe it’s because we don’t have a lot on the calendar yet for this year, so there’s not a whole lot to look forward to and a lot […]