Christmas Fitness Gift Guide

We have a cute little Christmas countdown decoration that sits in our kitchen right now. According to it, there are officially 9 days until Christmas. (I don’t understand where this month went…) While I’m excited about this, I still have some shopping left to do and since I end up in the kitchen a lot during the day, that stupid little decoration just sits there and taunts me. Stupid little santas with their stupid little faces…

santa countdown

ANYWAYS, just in case you are like me and are still looking for gifts ideas, I thought I’d throw out some ideas for your fitness-loving friends or anybody looking to get healthier in 2015.

Overall Fitness Tools:

Probably my 2 favorite all-around tools for both men and women! They are both higher priced items, but worth it as they don’t take up much space and will easily give anyone plenty of options for an awesome full body workout.

I’ve had a number of people the last few weeks ask me about where to get kettlebells. These are an investment, but for both quality and a decent price, Muscle Driver is a my favorite. Be warned: the shipping is where they get you, so don’t consider the price until it’s been added!!

lifting fave

TRX Suspension trainer
This is a fantastic piece of equipment as it can easily be taken and used just about anywhere.

Stocking Stuffers
For a few lower priced, smaller items that I really enjoy…..

Interval Timer
Whether you’re doing intervals or a timed workout, this is a must!

Furniture Sliders
These are a 2-in-1 gift really. For about $10, they provide a killer full body workout and will make moving furniture feel like a breeze! 😉

Water Bottle
A good water bottle is a must, especially something like this. It is stainless steel, insulated to keep your beverage cold or hot, and has a finish that doesn’t sweat!!

Joel’s Suggestion for Men

This is a favorite among many clients, but especially the guys! All you need is an old tire and you’ve got yourself a killer upper body/core workout AND an excellent stress/anger management tool as well. Ha ha! Plus, men love a good utilitarian gift! The one we own is 10 pounds.


Nutrition Tools

We use our blender constantly, as it is an especially convenient way to keep up your fitness and fat loss efforts with a busy lifestyle. 

Food scale
A food scale like this one makes portion control super easy by measuring calories and even nutrition facts!

Outdoor Fitness

Camelbak Hydration Pack
I LOVE my camelbak. They come in all different sizes for snacks, tools, & other essentials and are perfect for hands-free hydration for hiking or biking.

Other Fitness Goodies

Tracking Devices
With a wide range in price, you can get anything from a pedometer to track your steps, Garmin to track your heart rate and mileage, or FitBits or the Nike Fuel band to track heart rate, calories burned, mileage, and more! These are great for keeping your motivation up!

Foam Rollers
The foam roller is a versatile tool that allows for a kind of self massage to help stretch out muscles and alleviate pain.

Yoga Mat
These are great for indoor or outdoor. They add a little cushion and will keep you from slipping and sliding, whether you’re doing yoga or a body weight circuit!

Fitness Fashion

New workout clothes always feel good! Here are a few of my favorites in order of price point (starting on the low end)….

TJ Maxx
Old Navy (capris especially!)
Fabletics (I haven’t actually tried this company out yet, but I keep hearing only good things!)

For barefoot training with a little bit of protection but without the slipping and sliding. For yogis or weight lifters alike!

***I also love the specialty shirts with fitness sayings on them! These are always fun and add a personal touch when you find the perfect saying for someone!
fitness tank


Gift certificates to a local gym or class. Hiring a coach is always a great way to get and stay motivated in the new year. With that being said, if you know someone who serious about getting healthy and needing some extra help, I’m offering gift certificates for both in-person classes and online coaching. Head over HERE and fill out the contact form with the details of what you’re looking for and we can get you set up with a gift certificate!

**I hope you all are enjoying a happy and healthy holiday season! Merry Christmas friends!!

What fitness gift are YOU hoping to get this Christmas? Share over on the Beth Burns Fitness Facebook Page.