The changes I’ve seen in the last two years are beyond what I thought was possible.

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Two and half years ago I went to my first kettlebell training session with Beth and I really did know right from that first session it was going to be incredible. I was overweight, discouraged, and looking for ANYTHING to get me back to my pre-baby body. My current diet and work out plan was getting me nowhere so I was ready to give it all I had. The changes I’ve seen in the last two years are nothing short of amazing and truly beyond what I thought was possible. Kettlebells are such a fun, diverse way to incorporate strength training and cardio to get maximum results. Beth is so energetic and encouraging that even on my hardest days she was able to motivate me not to give up. Exercise has never been something that I love but I am so addicted to kettlebells and the way it has subtly sculpted my body, I can truly say I look forward to every class. About a year ago I finally found an eating program that worked for me and combined with kettlebells it has produced a lean, fit version of me that I didn’t know was possible. I have lost more than 70lbs., 69inches, and 5 sizes. I am amazed at the increased strength and toned body I have now. I didn’t know I could ever be one of “those” people and I love it! 🙂


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